Operational Strategy


The mission of the Ministry is to improve the social and economic potential of Mongolia in a sustainable and accessible way by providing integrated methodology and management for developing, planning and implementing long-, medium- and short-term development policies of Mongolia.


The Ministry will implement the following operational strategic objectives within its mission:

2.1. Ensure the implementation of the Law on Development Policy, Planning and its Management, develop Mongolia’s long-, medium- and short-term development policy documents ensuring national, sectoral, inter-sectoral, regional and local coordination, determine the integrated policy of social development aimed at improving the quality of life, supporting population growth, and ensuring human development.

2.2. Determine macro-economic policy, economic and development priorities and sectors, and identify the appropriate ratio of sectors and infrastructure.

2.3. Identify regional development policy and optimal locations for industry development, provide integrated industrial policy and planning, and implement the functions of the National Committee for Regional Development.

2.4. To develop the free zone, support production, services and trade in the free zone, determine the border port policy, and provide unified methodology and management;

2.5. Determine the integrated investment policy and planning, develop the Public Investment Program, determine the sources of financing, attract and promote investments, provide public services to investors, take comprehensive measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests of investors, determine the public-private partnership policy and monitor the implementation of activities for the concession of state-owned items.

2.6. Define and manage the common economic cooperation and trade policy, expand and develop bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation in this area.

2.7. Define and manage a unified loan and aid policy.

2.8. Conduct research and analysis related to the development and implementation of development policy and planning documents, conduct policy studies, preliminary technical and economic studies, and social and economic impact assessments of necessary projects and programs.

2.9. Provide leadership in public administration and human resource management, be responsible for finance, investment, legal and external affairs, and ensure the normal day-to-day operations of the ministry

2.10. Compile reports on the implementation of development policy documents at the national level, monitor and evaluate the implementation of activities, conduct internal audits on the financial and business activities of the minister, and improve the results of the ministry's activities.

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